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Lisa Loucks Christenson

Lisa is a #1 International Bestselling and National Award-Winning Author and Photographer.  This site features select art, photos, books, ebooks, rotating collections and some stock photos.

 Lisa is the creator of the Bow Wow Detectives® series, Meow Meow Detectives™, Robinwood Ridge, Faith Like a Song™, Wolves of Whitewater Falls and more. You can buy her Story Preview Editions™ which include the first couple chapters of the upcoming releases, trivia, and series information. 

Lisa's work is published by other publishers and under her own imprints. Her stock and assignment photos, articles, illustration, appear in magazines, newspapers, books, zines, art cards, game boards, television, and more markets, internationally. 

Lisa is in-between literary agents and knows her next agent will align with her vision and the purpose of her work in Gods' time.  She also lives by the knowledge: maybe one agent was enough. Sometimes an author must be free to do the work God puts on their hearts that sometimes can't be done, unless free of entanglements and binds.

Lisa lives by the promises of God, and by choice, her hearts desire is to create work for His glory. Lisa trusts that God will make right connections for her life's journey here, open the doors to explore, and show her the way to continue documenting life (through her documentaries, human-experience stories, inspirational works, art, and photos). 

This site features the lifetime work of Lisa's experiences and the things God has shown her through turmoil and tribulations, through life and death, through friends, frenemies, and foes. Lisa walks willingly ahead, not in fear, but in knowledge that she doesn't take a step without God's angels guiding her path.


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